The Big Why

My name is Frida M. Tende and I am the founder of The Moppers. I am a doctor of Public Health and reside in the beautiful city of Birmingham, AL. I hail from Cameroon, West Africa and have lived in Alabama for almost 15 years.

The Moppers story began as a means to build libraries in African countries. I grew up in a community where the was one old and unequipped library that was expected to service more than 5 million residents. I only saw the four walls of a library when I moved to the US for my studies. My favorite places were the Sterne and Lister Hill libraries at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) where I was pursuing my second Bachelor’s degree in international studies. I eventually went on to have a Master’s of Public Health degree and a Master’s in Public Administration from UAB, still enjoying the benefits of using a good library.

In 2018, we launched our One Community One Library project with a mission to build libraries in local communities across Africa. We hope to give young people and the entire community the opportunity to explore, research, experience new ideas, get lost in wonderful stories, find jobs, and provide a place for valuable social gatherings. Therefore, we invest 30% of The Moppers’ net annual income into building libraries in local communities in Africa. We currently have 4 libraries in Cameroon, Kenya, and Ghana. Our current project is to expand an existing library in a slum in Mathare, Kenya.

As much as I love to build libraries and empower communities, I also love cleaning. In the early parts of 2019, I thought to myself what will be the best way to build libraries without necessarily knocking on people’s doors to beg for money. Cleaning immediately came to mind because it is something I love to do. In fact, my sister-in-law because every Saturday I will clean her home to perfection. Unfortunately, I couldn’t because being a full-time international student is time-consuming in itself. Well, The Moppers eventually started in 2019 when I left my research job at UAB. One thing I love about this job is the smile and the happiness you see on clients’ faces after providing impeccable service. It is unparalleled! So, join us, and let’s build libraries while providing you with an impeccable cleaning service. We CLEAN for a PURPOSE.


Your commercial property and home are in good hands and we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Our aim is to give you time to focus on other things while we give you a home that is fresh and homey.

Indoor Air Quality Improvement

Our house cleaning specialist utilizes vacuum cleaners designed to capture bacteria, pollen, allergens other pollutants that may affect your home air quality.


Fifty percent of our employees are undergraduate and graduate students. We give graduate and undergraduate international students the opportunity to make some money while in school. As an international student myself, tuition was excruciatingly high. At The Moppers Cleaning Company, we have trained professional student cleaners who are just looking for a means to survive in this American economy. These professional cleaning specialists are well trained to clean your space in detail professionally. They have been trained and rigorously vetted who will treat your property with utmost care.



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